Cryptex 0.7b

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  • Password hint
  • Icon support for entries


  • I still feel unsafe

Very good

If you are worried by the amount of personal data it is possible to store on a mobile, and how easy it still is to lose your phone, then I'd suggest you get some security. There are a number of different solutions to try out including Cryptex which, as the name would have you believe, works by storing your private information in an encrypted, password protected database.

Cryptex is a pretty simple piece of software which works using standard RC4 algorhythm granting access to your phone's private data by means of a security code. This can be anything you choose. And, should you forget it, you can add in a password hint. Don't make this too obvious though, you don't want to be giving the burglars too many clues. There are also nice colourful icons to support which entries you wish to protect. Cryptex means you should now be able to save information like PIN codes and credit card numbers on your phone without worrying. If you're like me though, you'll still take nothing for granted.

Templates support Sorting of the records Store the last selected category Store the last login type (alpha/num)


  • Templates support Sorting of the records Store the last selected category Store the last login type (alpha/num)

Stores your personal data in the private, encrypted, password protected database. With cryptex you will never worry about secure of your data, even if you will lost your device. If someone esle will get your cryptex database it will not be possible to see the real data without the password. This is done as the database is encrypted with standard RC4 algorhytm, and the access can be granted to the data only using the private password.


  • Freeware
  • RC4 data encryption accessed by password
  • Unlimited number of entries and fields for each entry
  • Categories support
  • Icons support for entries
  • Colorized main grid with system color scheme support
  • User defined password hint
  • Export specified entries to memo

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Cryptex 0.7b

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